Predictive analytics enhances stadium security by taking in data from across the venue in real-time and applying machine learning to identify historical patterns and trends. This can help security teams predict events such as overcrowding by proactively investigating, for example, anomalous upticks in occupancy rates.

1. Proactive Risk Assessment

Proactively evaluate risk to help avoid unexpected, crowded areas by predicting impending fan flow. Create, manage, and automate alerts to be notified when secure areas are over capacity.

2. Efficiency Improvements

Access to predictive analytics enables stadiums to position their staff and allocate their resources more effectively. Rather than relying on guesswork, security teams can now proactively manage future risks. Analytics and predictive insights can also be shared across the stadium to drive process improvements.

3. Data Alignment

Before any analysis is conducted, any system using predictive analytics solutions will unite disparate data sources together. Systems using bigger and more diverse data sets will generate more insightful and accurate predictions. Empower your security team to do more in one solution by combining your data into a single platform.

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