When it comes to protecting large groups of people, decisions should rely on more than just intuition and gut instincts. Space utilization plays a critical role in keeping fans safe as it helps leaders improve staffing accuracy and uncover important information about the actual use of their space.

1. Improve the Fan Experience

Sports franchises that are out of touch with how their stadiums are being utilized are more likely to miss opportunities to engage fans in better ways. Without useful metrics on stadium usage, your staff is less likely to be able to identify and improve critical touchpoints that increase fan attendance.

2. Create Alignment and Growth

If you want to get better results, start by setting goals. Measuring stadium usage will help you start by setting realistic goals with insights on occupancy averages, trends, and alerts. These goals can be shared across teams to drive alignment and provide value to your franchise in unexpected ways.

3. Better Understand Your Space Performance

When you know how well your stadium is performing, you will be better equipped to address operations challenges and thus, free up more resources to take advantage of new opportunities.

Stadium occupancy is one data point, among many, that you can collect to improve, grow, and drive business results. To craft the best in-stadium experience, start by collecting meaningful data before you get to work.