Kind-hearted, curious, and passionate, Cheyan Setayesh is a unique breed of technical talent.

As a Software Engineer at Armored Things, Cheyan works on a variety  of engineering projects from customer integrations to infrastructure development. Chiefly, his role is to collaborate with the engineering team to create technology that solves complex physical security problems.

I could learn a lot from the smart people who worked there.

"I chose to work at Armored Things for three reasons.The first is that I felt like I could learn a lot from the smart people who worked there. The second being that the company was breaking into a new  industry that presented unique problems. The third and most important  reason was that their mission to keep people safe where they live, work,  and play resonated with me," he said.

Before Cheyan joined Armored Things, he was a full-time Software Engineer at Jana Mobile and a student at UMass Amherst. During those previous experiences, he credits a few key professors and colleagues for exposing him to topics outside his direct field of interest.

"By expanding my field of study, I started down a path of becoming a jack of all trades," which in turn led him to startups that needed people like him with a diverse skill-set.

Another reason Cheyan has been drawn to startups is the size, which he believes creates a stronger community and culture within the office.

At a smaller company, you can have a larger impact on the product and get the opportunity to work intimately with everybody.

"You kind of just know everybody, which is a cool little feeling that I haven't experienced before attending a large university and high school," he said.

Since he joined Armored Things several months ago, one of Cheyan's favorite aspects of the job has been the team lunches.

"Of course, solving all these problems is interesting, fun, and challenging. In the end, though the most important thing is that you enjoy the people that you work with," he said. "I feel like Armored  Things is unique. There's a certain feel to a company that is very different than what we get here. I think it's because the people are  more passionate and nerdy about what we do. Anybody who comes on board can really learn a lot."

If you are interested in joining Armored Things, he recommends, coming in with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

When he isn't at work solving problems and writing code, you can find Cheyan at the rock climbing wall or playing board games with his friends.

If you are interested in learning more about opportunities at Armored Things, feel free to reach out to Cheyan at