Subsequent to her career in finance, Susan Tang was in search of a mission-driven company building a product that would have a tangible impact.

After learning about Armored Things, Susan quickly joined the team as a Developer and Operations (DevOps) Engineer fulfilling her goal to transition into working on social impact technologies.

Susan describes the role of a DevOps Engineer as being the "developers’ developer".

"My primary responsibility is setting up the tools developers need to make their [colleagues’] jobs easier and ensure everything is up and running. My job is also to ensure the developer environment is secure and constantly improving,” said Susan.

Susan’s favorite part of being a DevOps engineer is the ability to collaborate across the engineering team and feel the impact of her contributions.

It's half development and half operations.

“I have to understand a little bit of what everyone is doing and see how that synthesizes together. What's really interesting to me is that I get to keep in touch with everyone, know a bit about what they're doing, how that affects me, with the aim of making their jobs easier,” Susan said. “I often feel like the pilot in the cockpit overlooking all of these different tools.”

Since she joined the team in January 2019,  Susan’s best memories have been working with the Armored Things team on the weekends to tackle bugs and troubleshoot engineering challenges.

For Susan, Armored Things has been a stark contrast from her previous work environment which she described as lacking innovation.

At Armored Things everyone is super passionate about the mission statement and cares about delivering a world-class product.

For candidates looking to join Armored Things, Susan recommends not being afraid to reach out to your colleagues with questions. “Don’t be afraid to waste people’s time with your questions because they will make time for you.”

When Susan is not at work, she enjoys hiking and playing with her husky.

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