On Monday, September 17th, Armored Things hosted its inaugural Open House focused on cyber-physical security in large venues. Attendees included thought leaders from various Boston area startups, sports technology industry partners, physical security companies, homeland security experts, and the investor community, all of whom are united in a mission to utilize technology to enhance physical security.

The event drew a large audience from the Boston community interested in learning about challenges that security professionals face when protecting large spaces.

Speakers included Juliette Kayyem, CEO ZemCar & former Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs at DHS; Mike Downing, CSO Oakview Group, Chintan Gohil, Verizon Smart Cities; Josh Walker, President & Co-founder Sports Innovation Lab; Christian Connors, CEO Shooter Detection Systems.

Two key takeaways from the event

  1. The security industry is constantly adapting to protect the public from different types of threats. As a result, leaders in this industry have begun looking to partner with technology companies to face new security challenges in both the physical and cyber security space.
  2. The sports industry has been the first industry to quickly adapt to integrate new technologies to improve venue security focused technologies. Other industries are likely to follow, as advanced protection against both physical and cyber attacks becomes increasingly important.

Armored Things is working with these partners and thought leaders to revolutionize cyber-physical security. Through the integration of devices and data that are already live in large venues, we believe we can be predictive - and hopefully preventative - when it comes to understanding threats and powering next-generation incident response.