When it comes to choosing where you want to work, there are many factors that go into making a decision. For Jaclyn Shepherd, Director of Sales at Armored Things the decision was simple. Not only did the product fill a clear need, but it would also improve the lives of both her customers and the communities that they serve.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jaclyn to get an inside look into what it is like to work at Armored Things.

As the Director of Sales, what is your role at Armored Things?

I lead our go to market strategy and currently, I am building out our sales team. I am in charge of managing our customer pipeline, forecasting deals, and working closely with our initial deployments to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Could you tell me why you chose to work at Armored Things?

I wanted to sell a product, where I could see the visible impact it made on the world. Armored Things isn't building a random piece of middleware or hardware, we are building a product that fills a clear need.

When you are speaking to clients, what about Armored Things product resonate with them the most?

The product is practical and logical. We're providing customers with a platform that simplifies their day to day, not over complicate things. There is a clear problem that our product will solve for, which is exciting for both us and our customers.

As privacy and physical security become a larger concern for venue owners, what should security personnel be asking themselves?

Take a look at all of your investments and ask yourself, how do these devices and systems interact with one another? Can I extract more value from the technologies I already have? There are a lot of innovative technologies entering the market, but many of them fail to integrate with one another effectively.

Could you tell me about how Armored Things has evolved since you first started? What are you most excited about for the future?

It was such a crazy transition for me to go for a large company to really small startup because I had never done it before. It was astounding to me how productive our team was and how much easier it was to pivot and collaborate without the rules that a corporate environment gives you.

For the future, I'm looking forward to growing our sales team and working with more talented individuals in the field.

What do you think is the most important skill someone would need coming into a startup, specifically in a sales position?

Be resilient, open-minded, and ready to move forward because we're all figuring it out together. Throw your preconceived notions about work out the door when you come to a startup and be willing to take feedback in order to evolve.

How has Armored Things culture compared to other companies that you have worked for previously?

At Armored Things, I've learned more at a faster pace. What’s great about the culture here is that you don't have to validate your work. No one comes to the end of the day and asks you to prove what you did that day. It's apparent what everyone contributes on an individual basis.

Any recommendations for non-technical people trying to get into positions at technology companies?

Do your research and homework. The information is out there and it is up to you to go find it. There are so many courses online that are free, books you can buy, and other resources that can give you a baseline skill set to get yourself in the door.

If you want to learn more about internships and job opportunities at Armored Things, check out our careers page. We are currently hiring for entry and executive level sales positions.