When it comes to choosing where you want to work, there are many factors that go into making a decision. For Noah Naiman, it was the opportunity to work for a world-class technology team that would positively impact his community that led him to accept a Software Engineering internship at Armored Things.

Armored Things is a Boston-based startup building a predictive cyber-physical incident response platform. Noah has been working with their engineering team to create a software solution that will keep people safe in large shared spaces like schools, stadiums, and streets.

"Armored Things is combining a lot of topics I'm interested in, from cybersecurity to data analytics to create a platform that will help keep people safe in real time," said Noah. "Although I'm still new to the team, I've already begun contributing to projects that will help shape the future product."

For Noah, working at a startup has been completely different from his past internship where he worked as a software engineering intern at a large company.

"The environment at Armored things is very open, I feel like I can talk and joke around with everyone. Not only is there a good balance of work and fun, but I still feel like I'm learning more than I ever have in an internship, which is really important to me," said Noah.

For students thinking of applying for an internship at Armored Things, Noah recommends doing a lot of side projects outside of the classroom and keeping proactive about learning new skills.

"I've gotten rejected so many times and you can't really take that personally. Recruiters just want to hire the best and that's completely fair, so you just have to keep going for it and continue to try to get better."

Over the course of his internship, Noah is most looking forward to growing along with the company, "Armored Things is in a really exciting phase and being here during that process is going to help me grow in both my technical and business skills."

If you want to learn more about internships and job opportunities at Armored Things, check out our careers page. We are currently hiring for a variety of positions in the following topic areas: data science, front-end, back-end, and devops.