Today is business as usual. Around campus, your security team is aiding the flow of traffic, securing buildings, and responding to alerts. In your command center and at the security desk of buildings across campus, the rest of your team is monitoring video footage for unusual behavior and risks.  

Between your team on the ground and in the command center, everyone is doing their best to ensure the safety of your students, faculty, and staff, but what if you could do more? What if you could enlist another team to help you keep your campus safe?

Software solutions like Armored Things’ spatial intelligence platform enhance the effectiveness of your security staff without overcomplicating your existing operations. With your command center already full of screens to monitor, software-centric solutions can be the “extra pair of eyes” that help security personnel monitor their environment.

Keeping your security infrastructure simple is imperative to success. Integrating a software solution into your security strategy shouldn’t complicate your existing operations. Good software solutions will bring your security operations into focus and unify all of your existing tools (not just your video management solution) into one platform for ease of use.

A video management system (VMS) can at a glance tell you roughly how many people are in a space, who is in the space, and what they are doing there. However, these estimates are limited to what the camera allows you to see and what your security guards are able to notice. Similarly, your security team on the ground is limited to what they can see around them.

Software-centric solutions like Armored Things’ spatial intelligence platform enable you to see beyond the human eye. By layering software on top of your existing hardware and staffing solutions, software-centric solutions can provide you more useful, and accurate information about your space. For example, you could know exactly how many people are in a space, how many were there yesterday or an hour ago, compare those occupancy stats to another space, and even see how many will likely be there tomorrow based on historical data.

Security teams that have begun using software-centric solutions to extract value from their hardware report feeling more proactive. With the ability to better predict and detect security risks like crowds and theft, there is no doubt investing in software-centric solutions is a worthy asset to invest in for your team.

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