For many venue operators, managing large crowds is an art. Trying to predict the size, movement, and direction of a crowd can often feel impossible without the information and tools necessary to make informed decisions.

It’s not a secret that effective crowd management starts with awareness. Continuous situational awareness is key to identifying inefficiencies and risks. Until today, situational awareness was limited to human perceptions of an environment meaning crowd management decisions were based on educated guesses.

Operations Intelligence (OI), a category of real-time business analytics, enables venue operators a more accurate understanding of their space and the crowds that occupy it. By integrating existing systems, OI can deliver real-time analytics, trends, and predictions on space utilization for enhanced decision making.

Prevent Overcrowding with Predictive Analytics

One of the biggest values of utilizing OI in your operations management is the ability to anticipate risk and therefore, minimize it. By transitioning your operations from reactive to proactive you can double the efficiency of your staff by eliminating time consumed by guesswork.

Instead of spending time inspecting a crowd, products that infuse OI have the power to instantly deliver information on capacity and send automated alerts if there is overcrowding.

After an alert is dispatched, a platform like Armored Things’ can use real-time analytics to ensure that the alert is delivered to the closest security staff member for the fastest response time. In crowd control every second is imperative, as crowds grow, situations can easily get out of hand.

Next-generation technology like OI has the capability to improve venue safety by putting crowd management back in our control.

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