When the doors reopen to campuses and venues around the country, what will the new rules of operation look like? Strategies for operating venues in a post-COVID-19 crisis are dominating conversations in command centers, C-suites, and urban planning think tanks.

Limited access to public buildings, contact tracing, temperature checks, and even how we’ll eat hot dogs (gloves at the gate?) are all being discussed as part of a new way of thinking about how we utilize and share space.

Venues Now advised stadium operators to expect more investments in touchless technology. Jonathan Cole, founding principal Pendulum Studio, an architectural firm specializing in minor league baseball and MLB spring training facilities, told the publication:

“What we’re going to see is a lot more touchless everything. We’ve seen it as a norm in the industry as far as how we deal with washing hands and things like that. Same with automated door openers.” - Venues Now

CityLab co-founder Richard Florida highlighted large-scale infrastructure management as a key component to urban economies rebounding.

“Class sizes may need to be reduced in schools and audience sizes reduced in theaters, with many seats left open. Masks may need to be required and made available to patrons as needed, and temperature checks carried out. The sooner such large-scale civic infrastructure can be safely reopened, the faster our urban economies will rebound.” - CityLab

Stadium operators will have to prepare for a new type of fan post-Covid-19 crisis – attending events with a new awareness for social distancing and other precautions – writes Forbes contributor Kirk Wakefield in a 10-point plan for stadium preparedness, informed by Matt O’Neil, CEO of Ichi GO and former VP brand and media for the Dallas Cowboys.

“Mobile Vendors: Exchanging or passing cash down rows is definitely out. What do hawkers do now? Where do they go? How do they sell? Is that eliminated?” - Forbes

When it comes to crowd intelligence and COVID-19, Armored Things is preparing to help customers understand how things like crowd density factor into decisions to reopen large venues to the public. The Armored Things SaaS offering is being expanded so campuses and venues can focus on COVID-19 concerns.

“Social distancing guidelines will be recommended as businesses, airports, station platforms and stadiums reopen. Armored Things already helps monitor the density of people in a space so it can help alert when a section of a venue no longer meets distancing requirements. And we’re adapting our technology to keep track of the space between people—not just the number of people in a space.” – Armored Things

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