Alex Baker is an entrepreneur, academic, and board game enthusiast. He also the Chief Data Scientist at Armored Things, where he applies his 8 years of experience to improve customers' operational intelligence.

Alex joined Armored Things 9 months ago. He credits the Armored Things’ team, mission, and product with convincing him to stay in Boston and leave behind the warm California sun. He became interested in data science while working on his Ph.D. at UC Irvine, and has been applying its lessons in novel ways ever since.

He said he’s surprised at how little people actually know about their own cyber and physical spaces. “Our customers encounter these vendors who sell them products that gather data,” he said. “But then the data just gets dumped into a file somewhere. And it turns out that using it, and understanding it, is the hard part.” Alex’s work at Armored Things aims to address that hard part, using AI-powered data analytics to help customers better understand and use their spaces.

When asked about his favorite aspect of data science, Alex’s pointed to the challenge of inventing new approaches to handle complex data sources. “Sometimes you have nice clean data points, and you can say ‘oh, it’s this kind of problem’ and solve it using some standard method,” he said. “But when you’re combining multiple data sources, dealing with unpredictable human behaviors, that’s when things get interesting.”

Alex believes that Armored Things is breaking new ground and opening doors to a completely different physical security approach.

“There are plenty of companies out focusing on individual parts of the physical security problem: video analysis, alerting, mapping, access control. But there’s so much to be gained trying to understand how those parts fit together, and I think we’ve got a team that’s more than up to the task.” he said.

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