When it comes to choosing where you want to work, there are many factors that go into making a decision. For Yichen Jiang, a Junior at Olin College, it was the opportunity to work for a world-class technology team that would positively impact his community that led him to accept a Software Engineering internship at Armored Things.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Yichen to get an inside look into what it is like to be a Software Engineering intern at Armored Things. What is it like to intern at a startup compared to a big company?

What is it like to intern at a startup compared to a big company?

All the interns had their own project, which meant each of us had a lot of responsibilities and played an integral role in the development of the product. This was compared to a big company where you are working on a large team on a small portion of a massive project.

Specially at Armored Things, the environment was very open. The senior engineers were always accessible for questions, debate, and discussion. There was no such hierarchy, so there was a certain level of freedom that I never experienced before at another startup.

Why did you choose to intern at Armored Things?

I was very interested in learning how to use different machine learning techniques to develop technology that could better understand its surroundings. I also liked that the company was focused on developing technologies that would make the world a better place by creating a product that both individuals and large communities could benefit from.

What advice do you have for students interested in pursuing a Software Engineering Internship at Armored Things?

Be prepared to answer your own questions and explore the solutions on your own. There won't always be clear answers in the areas you will be exploring since the technology they are developing is so new, innovative, and disruptive.

What were your favorite moments during your internship?

One of my favorite moments was demoing my project for our team. It is difficult to capture the technical difficulty of my project in words, so being able to showcase all my hard work in a demo in front of the whole company was an empowering experience. I was flattered that the team took the time out of their busy schedules to listen and ask questions about my work. At Armored Things, every intern has not one, but many opportunities for visibility. Of course, I also enjoyed the pizza gatherings we had throughout the summer. What intern doesn't love free pizza?

If you want to learn more about internships and job opportunities at Armored Things, check out our careers page. We are currently hiring for a variety of positions in the following topic areas: data science, front-end, back-end, and devops.